Terrorism, War and International Law

"There are two fundamental themes in this important book: firstly, the relevance of the history of international law and its function in understanding contemporary international relations and secondly, the consciousness of the necessity of multilateral use of force in response to a terrorist attack as a crime against humanity."

Gustavo Gozzi, University of Bologna, Italy

Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation Conference
October 19 - 21, 2007


Cortona Colloquium, held in Cortona, Italy from 19-21 October 2007



The Cortona Colloquium is an annual conference which has been held in Cortona for 37 years. Academics from around Italy and around the world are invited to attend. In 2007 the theme of the colloquium was "Global Law and Order". The keynote speaker was (the late) Professor Antonio Cassese. Ten PhD candidates and early-stage researchers were selected from 83 applicants. I was the only presenter from Australasia. I gave a Powerpoint presentation based on my paper, entitled: "The Meaning of 'Terrorism': From Cicero, St Augustine and the Pirate to the United Nations Draft Convention" I presented my paper in the context of a workshop on terrorism and international law which was chaired by Professor Flavia Lattanzi; the Co-Discussant was Professor Gustavo Gozzi. My paper has been published online by the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation.



  Grant D. Fairley

"When dealing with a legal matter - always remember that you are your own best advocate. No one will care as much about the case as you do. Use lawyers but remember - you must take primary responsibility for a successful outcome.



Post-Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching (PGCertTT): I have completed one of two papers towards this qualification at the University of Waikato in 2009.  This is an optional, post-graduate qualification in tertiary teaching that aims to assist lecturers with the improvement of their teaching performance by allowing them to engage with the most recent research on teaching as well as having the benefits of teaching mentors. I have one paper to complete in order to complete this qualification.

I attended the International Conference on Teaching and Learning as Tools of Progress in Higher Education 2011 held in Riyadh on 16-17 January 2011.

I attended numerous workshops at the University of Waikato in 2007 and 2009 including the following workshops conducted by the Teaching and Development Unit:

  • An Introduction to Course Design
  • Teaching Strategies to Develope Students’ Learning Skills
  • Maximising Small-Group teaching
  • Maximising Learning in Large Groups
  • Principles of Assessment
  • Assessment Matters: Group Work Assessment
  • Research and Teaching
  • Tertiary Teaching: Exploring Our Beliefs

I conducted a workshop at the Prince Sultan University College for Women  in 2011 based on a teaching initiative that I had introduced in my courses. The name of the workshop was: Using Reflective Journals in the Law PYP Program: objectives and outcomes. The Powerpoint presentation that I used as the basis of my workshop is available here: H:\PD Workshop Reflective Journals\Using Reflective Journals in the Law PYP Program.pptx

  Latest workshops
  PSU, Prince Sultan University, Riadh, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia






10 May 2011

Faculty Professional Development: Opportunity, Mission and Support

PSU – Dr Lamya Ramadan and Kristine Julika - Professional Development Committee

16-17 Jan 2011

International Conference on Teaching and Learning as Tools of Progress in Higher Education: Integrating Effective Technology Tools into your learning: A review of trends in Higher Education by Dr Jennifer Richardons and Dr Melanie Shoffner, Purdue University (Workshop)

Intercontinental Hotel, Riyadh

12 Jan 2011

A case of teaching English Literature to Struggling College Students

Conference room 315, PSUCW, Dr  Orchida Fayez - R & D



More workshops

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