Welcome to summer semester

Dear Social Theory students

Welcome to the summer semester! I can’t wait to see you all Sunday. I will have all my material on this site.

Here is a link to the Course Outline Social Theory and Law Summer semester 2015 Course Outline (2)

I will print a copy for each of you, but if you want to get started during this weekend, you are most welcome to download this and have a read.

Social Theory and Law

Dear Social Theory students

I hope you are all ready for the exam tomorrow morning. I wish you all the best with that.

Regarding coursework grades, I showed them to you in class during our last classes together on Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th. If you missed class you might want to check on your coursework grade. I am not posting on my door.

If you want to check the final coursework grade out of 40, you can click on this link, look for your class and then find your ID number: Social Theory and Law Spring 2015 coursework final

The grades at the above link are the grades that I submitted last Thursday 30th April. They are not able to be changed and are not subject to discussion at this point.

All the best! See you all tomorrow morning inshaAllah. Exam starts at 9.30am.

Social Theory and Law – coursework grades

Dear Social Theory students

Here are the provisional coursework grades out of 40. Please check this file: Social Theory coursework grades 2am 30 April

I have to submit these grades to the Examinations Committee by the end of the day on Thursday 30th April. If you have any comments to make, please email me in the morning or see me in class.

There will be no changes to grades once they have been submitted to the Examinations Committee.

See you in class on Thursday for the last lecture of the semester.



Important: LLM – revised grades

Dear LLM students

I have read all the extra work that was submitted to me this evening. I have reworked the scores taking into account extra work, also taking into account that all students who asked a question got 1 bonus mark and taking into account the marks for attendance and participation (asking questions, answering questions etc) in class.

Please see the attached file.LLM revised grades 2am 30 April

The final grade for each of you is in black pen, right at the end of your row.

I am not willing to receive any further work since the course has now ended, so these grades are final unless there is a major calculation error on my part. I do not wish to enter into further correspondence or ‘grade bartering’. I have assessed your work, whether submitted on time or late, and these are the grades which I think best reflect the work submitted.

As for this evening’s class, I think it was a great success. You certainly had a great opportunity to learn about the Dutch Constitution and to obtain useful information for the final exam’s problem question. I did not ask you to hand in any notes. I simply suggested you should take them for your own benefit. I also stated that you could earn up to a maximum of one bonus mark per person if you asked an intelligent question that had not been already asked or answered.

I will submit the marks to the examinations committee by the end of Thursday 30th April, as per the law school’s regulations. There will be no changes once submitted.

All the best with the study. See you in the final exam inshaAllah.

LLM – last slideshow

Dear LLM students

Here is the last slideshow. Final slideshow LLM for 2015 v3. We discussed it in class on Monday 27th April. I have deleted the photos but everything else is there. If you missed the class please read it carefully.

Please remember to come to the guest lecture tonight, starting at 6pm. By the way, The Netherlands celebrated their annual King’s Day on Monday. Here’s a link about that day: http://www.iamsterdam.com/en/visiting/whats-on/kings-day/all-about-kings-day-in-amsterdam

Orange like the national colour of The Netherlands. If you have something orange you’d like to wear to class, feel free to do so in honour of our guest. You can search the internet and find out why orange is their colour.

See you  all tonight inshaAllah for the grand finale. Please ask a question in the discussion part of the lecture tonight.

LLM draft grades for coursework

Dear LLM students

Here is a link to the draft grades: LLM Comparative Law draft grades

The numbers in red pen represent the total for all coursework including bonuses but not including the 5% marks for “attendance and participation”. This grade will be worked out at the end of the class which is, of course, tomorrow. I will award a mark out of 5 at the end of the course for overall attendance and participation, then I will add it to the number in red.

If you notice any mistakes, please email me at drmyrawilliamson@gmail.com.  I would prefer not to get into discussions over marks tomorrow night, due to the fact that our guest will be with us.

See you tomorrow, Wednesday, for the last lecture. One bonus mark per person for asking an intelligent question that has not been asked by someone else, and hasn’t been mentioned in the lecture (maximum of 1 bonus per person so get in quick with your questions)!

Social Theory student presentations

Dear Social Theory students

Your presentations take place this week. Please make sure you hand in the written work during the first class of the week (Sunday/Monday, depending on your class time).

Here is a the rubric that I will use to grade your work:Rubric v.2 for grading the research task Rubric v.2 for grading the research task

Please click on the link above and read the rubric.  Make sure you can get the best possible mark in each category. I will mark the written and the oral separately, as per the rubric.

LLM Presentations

Hi LLM students

Here is the 3rd (and hopefully final) version of the presentation schedule: schedule v 3-for-the-presentations-spring-2015-LLM

The only change is the addition of Taiba who was not initially included. Please note that there are now 5 presentations on Monday 20th so its very important that everyone is ready to present on time and that presentations are strictly no longer than 15 minutes each that evening. Other nights, presentations can be 15-20 minutes.


Also please note that ALL essays are due, in hard copy, on Monday 13th April, regardless of when you are due to give your oral presentation.

All the best for finishing your essays and polishing up your presentations. See you on Monday (females) and Wednesday (males) for the first presentations.


Presentation schedules

Hello all Social Theory students,

Here are 3 presentation schedules. Please click on the one that applies to your class. Check your day and time. Please note that everyone must hand in their written work on Sunday 12th and Monday 13th (depending on which say you take your class with me).

Please make sure you are in class and ready to present your oral presentation on the appointed day.  We ‘re looking forward to hearing from everyone and learning from your research. If your name is not on a schedule, please email me ASAP.

Sunday/Thursday men: -schedule-v2–for-the-presentations-social theory-men-sun-thurs-group

Sunday/Thursday women: schedule-for-the-presentations-social theory-women-group

Monday/Wednesday group: schedule-v2–for-the-presentations-social-theory-mon-wed-group