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List of courses that Myra Williamson has experience teaching:

>Constitutional Law
>Corporate Entities
>Social Theories
>Introduction to Law
>Comparative Law
>Introduction to Law
>Company Law
>Legal Systems and Societies
>Legal Terminology in English
>Public International Law
>Terrorism and International Law
>Grade 10 Modern World History
>Grade 9 History (IGSCE)
>Grade 8 Humanities (MYP)
>Grade 6 English



Liverpool Law Review

'The book is a welcome contribution to the debate on the use of force in international law. It is clear, accessible and draws upon a good breadth of scholarship which, while primarily legal, draws upon broader material where appropriate to paint a picture of the law that currently exists, how that law rightly applies to the 2001 use of force against Afghanistan, and the current challenges to the law. It ought to find a place in any decent international law library.'



Latest Employment

PSU University Assistant Professor at Prince Sultan University, College for Women (PSUCW) in Riyadh, KSA. 2010-2011




University of Waikato

"Hi Myra, you are a great colleague and teacher Myra.  I really appreciate your willingness to support our students in this way. Many thanks. Leah"

Email from the course convenor in a paper in which I was the tutor - 28 March 2007

"It is a pleasure being a tutor in your paper... I just want to say thank you for all your guidelines which are very useful and for taking the time to guide us in our tutoring."

Email from a tutor in a paper in which I taught - 9 October 2008



A university needs its academic staff to be involved in a number of administrative activities in order for it to function effectively. I am committed to that in principle and in practice and am happy to serve the university where I am employed in any capacity I can.



Otago University

The Law Faculty of Otago University was established in 1873 making it the first Law Faculty in New Zealand. The first lecturer in Law at Otago, Sir Robert Stout (whom the Law Library is named after), went on to become Prime Minister of New Zealand and Chief Justice. New Zealand's former Governor-General, Dame Silvia Cartwright, is a distinguished graduate of the Otago Law Faculty.


  I am a law academic with experience as a lawyer and law lecturer in universities in New Zealand and in the Middle East. This website works like a CV: It contains links to my research outputs, my teaching experience and other achievements.
Terrorism And Law   Arab Law Quarterly   Waikato Law Review
Terrorism, war and international law   Arab Law Quarterly   University Of Waikato

"Terrorism, War and International Law: The legality of the use of force against Afghanistan in 2001". This book has been reviewed in several international peer-reviewed journals and has been cited in the following websites including:

wikipedia - Definitions of Terrorism

  This article examines the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's legal obligations in one area of intellectual property law, namely, geographical indications (GI). It considers the opportunities for improving the existing legal framework from both a domestic & an international perspective.   This book review relates to a collection of essays published in honour of Sir Kenneth Keith to mark his retirement from the New Zealand Supreme Court, to honour his distinguished career as an academic, law reformer legal advisor, international advocate and judge, and to celebrate his appointment to the



  • Prince Sultan University College for Women Research 2010-2011

  • PADET - The New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs 2003-2004

  • University of Waikato –  Doctoral Scholarship 2002-2005
University Of Waikato

Professional development:
Post-Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching (PGCertTT)









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